Reinforce the elaborate flavor of our dishes with the subtle touch of a white wine. Accompany the fish and seafood with the ideal point of freshness of an Aura, the snacks with the aroma of Zoe. And of course, also for desserts.

White wines




100% Moscatel (seco/dry)

100% Muscat of Alexandria, the queen grape of the Marina Alta area.
It is a very gastronomic wine, goes very well with dishes from the Valencian Community such as tapas, Russian salad, Iberian ham, rice, stews, sushi, sashimi, fish and seafood. But also with strong or soft cheeses and spicy food.


El Rincón de Nekeas

el rincon de nekeas

100% Chardonnay

El Rincón de Nekeas is a white wine made from Chardonnay grapes by the Navarra winery Nekeas.
It is a young wine that has carried out the alcoholic fermentation in French oak barrels of fine grain and medium toast. The wine rests for 3 months in barrels with frequent batonnages.



100% Verdejo

This single varietal Verdejo was the first wine produced by the winery in Rubí de Bracamonte. In its production, organic techniques have been used in order to respect the terroir as much as possible. A round, aromatic and balanced white wine with an interesting evolution in the bottle.



100% Verdejo

Our wine experts think that this Verdejo (Spain) would pair perfectly with these dishes (pork, seafood, vegetarian food, marinated meat).



100% Albariño

Marola & Mass is a late bottled 100% Albariño white wine, from the RÍAS BAIXAS DO.
The average age of the vineyards is about 25 years old, coming from granite and sandy loam soils. The vines are bathed by the Atlantic air. Manual harvest and fermentation in stainless steel tanks at 14º C for 21 days on its lees until bottling.



100% Albariño

From 90 year old vines, planted on granite soils with traditional pergolas we could not expect less. In addition, these vineyards have enviable views of the Arosua estuary, in the Salnés. There, exposed to the Atlantic breezes, they grow grapes that taste salty and have the ocean in their essence.
The winemaking process uses the latest technology to maintain an inert atmosphere that prevents oxidation and preserves all the aromas of the grapes. For this, carbon dioxide is used in all processes. The cold is its other ally that also preserves the wine in the best conditions.


Vino de aguja. Loureira, Perdeña, Trajadura

Made with the varieties 40% Loureiro, 30% Pedernã, 15% Trajadura, 15% Azal. Gazela is a green wine with a soft, light and refreshing taste that goes well with life. Gazela is a wine without compromise, a renewed classic that confirms all the potential of the region to create light wines, ideal for everyday.
Gazela has a very light yellow citrine color, with a slight effervescence that enhances its aroma, flavor and freshness. Aromatic and attractive, citrus notes, tropical fruits, a lively and stimulating acidity is observed, very well balanced by a light semi-sweet taste. The result is a simple, versatile and very attractive wine.
Alcohol 9% Serve at: 6-8ºC