Specialities on request


What if we don’t have more? What if we don’t make paellas? SURE!! Mixed paella, fidueá and baked leg of lamb … What? What do we have everything? But we need a little something from you … we need you to let us know with some time, so when all of you arrive everything will be ready and you will only have to enjoy.

Leyenda Alérgenos

Baked lamb leg

Another valencian class… ahh !! No, wait hehe … it’s not a Valencia classic, okay… but as if it were, because it’s a classic in all parts of the world. That flavor… THAT flavor!! and how juicy meat melts in your mouth..

Paella mixta

A classic Valencian: paella with meat, fish and seafood. For everyone to enjoy: big and small, for those family food Sundays or those vacation days after a dip in the beach … what better flavor than usual?


Vegetable Paella

Enjoy the palette of colors and flavors in our Vegetable Paella. Rice is combined with a vibrant mix of fresh vegetables, from peppers to beans. Herbs and saffron enhance each bite, offering a Mediterranean experience that celebrates the simplicity and freshness of vegetable cooking.

Seafood Paella

Our Seafood Paella is an explosion of marine flavors. The rice is infused with the freshness of prawns, mussels and squid, creating a dish that captures the essence of the Mediterranean. Each bite is a delicious journey through salty waters and spicy aromas.



Well … the other Valencian classic that is missing … the authentic Valencian fideuá. What else to say about fidueá? Well … little thing, it is best to come and try it for yourself, because the taste is indescribable.