Basically our specialty. Enjoy our tender meats made with the care and affection that our customers deserve. Roasted meats, grilled meats, grilled meats, stewed meat, grilled meats, red meats, white meats … and all of them placed with their tasty garnish, the best Sancho Panza for the best of Don Quixotes. In short, the Eden of Carnivore!

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Chicken with almonds.

Exquisite traditional Asian recipe, with vegetables al dente and pollomacerado in soy sauce and ginger. The crunchy touch of almonds makes this dish a more cheerful and for all audiences recipe.

Meet and vegetable skewers

Meat and vegetable skewers are one of the most used and recognized recipes around the world. The option of including vegetables to meat skewers allows you to have a more complete and beneficial health meal … and of course, our unique touch gives a more complete and succulent taste for your palate?

Pork Cheek

Pork cheek with its exquisite garnish: potatoes and its thick sauce wrap this tender part of the pork that we prepare it like nobody else …

Grilled pork chops

Grilled pork chops are a great summer dinner, especially if you are organizing a meeting. The key to this recipe is to leave the chops macerating for a while. Then, just wait for the heat to work its miracle and make the meat at the desired point.

Chicken breast patty

A rich, juicy chicken of the highest quality, and that is how delicious is the freshly brewed, crispy, golden brown … it is rich with mayonnaise, with tomato, with ketchup.

There is nothing tasty than breaded chicken fillets.

Pig Secret "Duroc"

The secret without a doubt, the greatest discovery of the exploded pig. It is a piece of leftover known by the butchers, who “put it away” in the exploded view to eat it roasted, only with salt, hence its name. His juiciness and tenderness are extreme. Each piece weighs approximately 200 grams. It is usually eaten roasted or grilled making steaks.

Pork Duroc is a breed of pork that is very tasty and is considered semi-Iberian.

Pierna de cordero al horno

Otro clásico valen… ¡¡ahh!! No, espera jeje… no es un clásico de Valencia, vale… pero como si lo fuera, por que es un clásico en todos los lugares del mundo. Ese sabor… ¡¡ESE sabor!! y como se deshace la jugosa carne en la boca.

Grilled lamb chops

Some lamb chops that go well and more among friends. Although lamb meat is already tasty in itself and needs few condiments, sometimes we can give them a different touch to barbecues.


Perfection in every cut. Our Entrecote is juicy, tender and with the unmistakable flavor of high quality meat. Grilled for a crispy exterior and tender interior, each portion is a celebration for meat lovers.

Grilled beef tenderloin

The sirloin is one of the best and most delicate meats to grill on the barbecue. An hour before cooking the tenderloins, they must be removed from the refrigerator so that they are brought to room temperature. We prepare some good embers on the barbecue and voalà !! We have a magnificent dish that we will let stand a few minutes to get the maximum flavor to the meat.